Tuesday, February 22, 2011

UBB In The Spotlight

Usage based billing is still in the spotlight which indicates it is not going to be easy for the CRTC to dodge the issue, or for the government ignore the problem later. Sadly, it is very clear the CRTC just doesn't get it.

This article debunks the myths that UBB supporters typically use in their arguments. Even the comments are good... well most of them anyway.

These folks raised enough money from donations take out print media adverts and are hoping to repeat the exercise with another round of donations. Are they using old fashioned methods to make a point about a modern problem? Well, price gouging really isn't a modern problem, is it?

Apparently, about 1% of the Canadian population signed the openmedia.ca (above) petition. That's definitely not a small sample, statistically speaking.

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