Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Bugzilla Installation

After a long delay I finally completed the Bugzilla installation that I started more than a week ago. I had to wait for the MySQL administrator password, which I received last Saturday, and then I only found some time to work on it today. Now I have to wait for the users to try it and see if they need any more help with the setup. I have never used Bugzilla before and so far it looks a more feature complete than Trac, which is my preferred bug tracker. I've heard a few people complain about Bugzilla's interface, but I haven't noticed anything too annoying yet. Maybe the warts will become evident over time.

A commenter pointed out that Bugzilla is available in Fedora but I never thought of looking there. I'll have to remember to try that next time. Even if I had found the Fedora package, it was only Bugzilla 3.0.2 and the user explicitly wanted version 3.2, so I would have installed from source anyway. Sometimes you just go around in circles.

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