Tuesday, December 9, 2008


This month's TLUG meeting had a talk on CouchDB, a free form database system that you access via HTTP. Your database query is an URL. We have entered a strange time where technologies traditionally used for web development, are being used outside the browser. Most of it seems to be flavour-of-the-day and anything you use in a project could be obsolete in a few months. One would hope that the better technologies would have some longevity, but I'm not really seeing that happening. CouchDB uses HTTP which was created 20-odd years ago. Will CouchDB be around in 20 years? I am doubtful.

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  1. Actually, CouchDB uses views for queries, which consist of JavaScript functions applied to your document collection a MapReduce pattern. You can then use URIs to access individual result rows, or ranges of result rows, from a view.

    Not sure what you mean about traditional Web development technologies being used outside the browser.