Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas Parties

Every year my oldest customer invite me to their Christmas dinner party which is usually held an interesting restaurant. Last year the dinner was at a Moroccan restaurant complete with belly dancers! The previous year we went to a horse race track. This year's dinner was at a Spanish restaurant featuring flamenco dancing. The food was excellent.

The dinner group gets smaller every year. This was partly due to a major snow storm so four people were not able to make it. But the main reason is that several people have left the company in past few years, but none have have been replaced. I guess it is a sign of the times when businesses do not hire replacement staff. However, I think this has diminishing returns as the lack of skilled technical people will hurt them in the long run.

The company is not actively looking for new software projects so the only work I get from them lately is support and maintenance for existing systems. As I do less and less work for them, eventually there will come a time when I no longer get invited to their Christmas dinner. While I will miss their dinner parties, it can't be helped as I am already moving in a different direction, make new contacts, and trying new things.

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