Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Relaxing Day

After the hectic pace of last week it was good to slow down a little. I did some planning for another Linux server installation but did not push myself to actually get started. I also looked at my own network plans which have been stalled for some time now. My main server is a little overloaded with too many functions. It runs Postfix, Apache, BIND (for internal use only), several lesser services, and the firewall. In addition, the server started life as my desktop system and has never been reinstalled so it has accumulated some cruft over the years. It has been running the same Debian sid install for exactly 10 years, dutifully updated on a daily basis.

I'd really like to split up the server functions. For one thing, it will give a chance to configure things better from the start. For another, it will remove the eggs from the same basket. For example, I need a master DNS server for my own domains but I would prefer to have the DNS on a separate system in case BIND is comprised. I'm not sure how far to go with separating the services since more hardware requires more space, makes more noise, and of course uses more electricity. Since I will likely be using old PIIs and PIIIs, they do not have the performance to run virtual servers. Why use such old systems? Because I can get them for free.

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