Monday, December 22, 2008

Parking Lot Wars

On the weekend someone clipped the rear corner of my car and damaged the bumper cover. I was in a half-dozen different parking lots while doing Christmas shopping, and I didn't notice the damage until I got home, so I have no idea exactly where it happened. The plastic actually cracked but that was most likely due to being brittle in the cold temperature, than due to a heavy impact. The other driver might not have even noticed that he hit something.

I'm strange because I always get car body damage repaired. Either it is a pride of ownership thing, or maybe I just dumb. Most people are able to ignore the damage on their cars and it is easy to under understand why: repairs are expensive. This minor repair will cost about $700. If I put it through insurance, the repair will cost me the deductible, $300, but then my premium will go up, so I can't win.

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